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Car builder

Thoughts of our car plant heroes:

"At the car factory I’ve gotten to know a variety of people and cultures. We have come here from vastly different backgrounds. My personal life is enriched in a way that cannot be  found in a small village." 

- Kaisa, operator, body shop, 1.5 years as a car factory heroine


"This gang is what has made me stay, over and over again."

- Sergei, assembler, assembly shop, 6 years as a car factory hero


“In our team fucking around is caring too.”

- Juha, assembler, assembly shop, 2 years at the plant


 “I worked in the retail sector for 10 years.  I wanted to have some change and that's what I really got! ”

- Tiia, surface finisher, paint shop, 3 years as a car factory heroine


"This is work that doesn't follow you home."

- Markku, test driver, finishing, 15 years at the factory.


"Every finished car waiting in the yard, is done by all of us. It's damn cool teamwork."

- Markus, 4 years at the plant



Come and get your hero cape!

Valmet Automotive needs workers in all production departments of the car plant: in body shop, assembly shop, paint shop and internal logistics.

We appreciate your previous work experience, but you don't have to be familiar with the automotive industry.  You can apply to be a car builder, no matter what your background.

We train each of our employees to be the best car builder in the world!  The place at Uusikaupunki car plant is yours if you are motivated and daring to meet the challenge!


In all of our jobs we work independently but with the support of a happy team of heroes.

Working in the body shop is mainly feeding materials to the robots, point welding and monitoring quality. Experience and/or training in mechanical engineering or in metalwork is an advantage.

The paint shop jobs are suitable for a meticulous artisan and observer, such as bodywork sealing and paintwork inspection.

In the assembly shop the cars are equipped and finished by the heroes. The work requires precision and quality.

In the internal logistics there are several material handling tasks, such as handling incoming and outgoing material, repackaging and distributing parts. In the internal logistics you may end up driving a forklift truck!



Features of a hero

We are looking for people who want to be part of the world's best car building team, with top quality and the joy of doing.

It goes without saying that this top team is flexible, you consider shift duty a standard and the knowledge of Finnish or English is an optional extra!



We provide the heroes with

  • a job at the only passenger car factory in Finland as a builder of high-quality vehicles
  • multicultural teams and thousands of new colleagues
  • an unmatched community spirit created by our heroes
  • different types of career paths and access to training
  • employee benefits include for example supported commuting, a house for leisure activities with gym as well as sports and cultural vouchers
  • the fun of working in a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment


At the moment, we're unable to respond to phone inquiries - feel free to put in your application and we'll get back to you!



Contract Nature:  Regular
Company:  Valmet Automotive FIN

Uusikaupunki, FI

Job Segment: Metallurgy, Engineer, Welding, Inspector, Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, Automotive